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Local Anaesthetics

We produce one of the best local anasethetics in the world. We are focusing on Amid types of anaesthetic agents. 



Our Sport Pharmacology deparment makes thousend of tests to obtain the best quality in our products.

Human Growth Hormone

We are the only company in the UK which produces Human Growth Hormone.

Its the highest quality in the market.  


Our Nootropics effects the Neurotransmiters,involvingMemory, processing speed, mood, attention, creativity and more.


Veterinary products are important tools in the prevention and control of animal diseases.For OIE purposes, they include vaccines, veterinary medicines, such as antimicrobial agents, and diagnostic kits

Product Validation

We are in charge of every product we make,so every our product can be validated by code.

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A new era of neurological treatments

BodyCorp is proud to have served patients in Neuroscience. We strive to identify novel targets using human genetics and experimental medicine, advance clinical trial design and pioneer a new era of scientific advancements. Above all, partnering with patients and doctors in an effort to change the lives of people impacted by neurological and psychiatric conditions is at the core of our mission